Ahlan wa sahlan!
أهلاً وَ سَهلاً!
Hello and welcome!

Welcome to Habibi Coding's website!
Are you interested in Full Stack development? Do you want to see a project idea come to life, from the Backend and Frontend, to the Mobile App, Cloud infrastructure, and CI/CD Pipeline? Then you've come to the right place! I use a range of cutting-edge technologies in my tutorials, including Kotlin for Spring Boot, MockK, JUnit, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, PostgreSQL, Linode, Nginx, Ubuntu, GitHub, GitHub Actions Pipeline, Docker, Android with Kotlin, and Vue 3 with TypeScript. Follow my YouTube channel to learn about Full Stack development and see how to bring a project idea to life, step by step. Don't forget to check out my social media channels below for more content and updates on my latest projects.

Learn Full Stack Development Habibi!

Here is an overview, of all my published courses, take a look, perhaps you find something you are interested in.

Learn to design and plan a system

Before you start developing any application I would highly suggest to create a system diagram.

Here is a simple example for a system diagram of a todo application:

system diagram of an todo application

Set up your pipeline

Here is a simple example for a CI/CD pipeline:

diagram of an CI/CD pipeline